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Health Coaching, Personal Training & Presentation Testimonials:

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Bonnie S. from Concord- I had such an inspiring  coaching of the Move 7 InShape program with Jamie Duvnjak.
Not being  an “Inside a gym” exerciser, I needed to be guided through a program that would initiate me into properly working my upper and lower body in a comprehensive effective workout with free weights and machines.  
Jamie has been an excellent coach, directing a particular exercise,  explaining which muscle groups will be activated and how to perform them safely and counting out seconds for you!  Jamie challenged me to add weight to the Move 7 which gave me a great feeling of accomplishment!  I think the Move 7 format is a simple whole body approach to muscle toning with upper body, lower body, core and plank work, especially for members new to weight bearing exercises in their workouts.   I had such fun with my training, because Jamie is such a pleasure, so enthusiastic about all types of exercise and, we found many similarities between the Move 7 and other  types of exercises I enjoy.
Thank you!

Sarah R. from Concord- Jamie is the best trainer! I have been working with Jamie for about 2 months. She is very patient, understanding and caring. She will push you, but not over the edge. Thank you Jamie for making me feel better about myself!

Tania M. from Concord- Jamie has been my health Coach for a few months now and I love her. She’s dedicated and very professional while being very friendly. She definitely knows what she’s doing and I would recommend her to anyone. She even got me to appreciate our workouts!

Rita C. from Pittsburg- I am fortunate to have Jamie as my Personal Trainer. I’m successful in reaching my current goals with more work to accomplish a lifestyle change because of Jamie’s Training with me. Jamie is knowledgeable, professional, inspirational and diligent with our trainings. We work out hard together with her lead of basic to difficult conditioning. I appreciate that I can exercise both independently at home and onsite at my gym with Jamie’s Workout Plan personalized for me. Her encouragement  gives me confidence, her expertise with education and nutrition allow me to progress with strength, conditioning and a healthy well being.  
I highly recommend Jamie. She is awesome!

Robin P. from Clayton- Jamie is awesome!!  I have had the pleasure of having her as my back-up training coach at my gym in Concord. Jamie is organized, attentive, encouraging, innovative, and fun. She makes sure that you get the most out of your 30 minute workout with her. We found that we have a lot in common with us both growing up in the same area in Michigan.  I would highly recommend Jamie for anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Dawn B. from Walnut Creek- Jamie is an amazing trainer. She’s positive, encouraging and pushes you in just the right way. She truly cares about her clients and their well being.

Ashley S. from Clayton- I’ve only been working with Jamie for about a month, but I’m already seeing huge changes in my body. Jamie is always encouraging and motivates me to be my strongest self in every session. I can’t wait to see more changes as I continue working out with her!

Jeff W. from Concord- My girlfriend purchased a package of personal training sessions with Jamie Duvnjak earlier this year, and we have both been thoroughly impressed with Jamie’s knowledge of physiology, nutritional science, and human kinetics.  Within just a couple of weeks of beginning the program, my girlfriend was feeling more confident about her own strength and physical health, and there was a noticeable difference in her muscle tone and overall physical appearance. My girlfriend’s experience with Jamie as a personal trainer encouraged me to begin consultations with Jamie in her capacity as a health coach.  Having worked tangentially with homeopathic medicine for over 13 years, I was not unversed in the field of health coaching.  I entered the consultation with a fairly clear understanding my own potential for improvement in physical health and diet.  However, I was unprepared for the striking benefits that working with Jamie would have on my own self-confidence and renewed motivation for self-improvement.  Jamie is one of the most personable yet professional practitioners in this field that I have ever encountered.  She has a tangible positive energy about her that is both contagious and residual long after a session with her.  I would offer my strongest recommendation of Jamie Duvnjak as a personal trainer or health coach to anyone seeking to improve their physical or spiritual health.  Jamie will make you feel better about yourself.

Amy F. from Concord- Jamie is a fantastic partner in your health!  She is encouraging and sensitive to individual differences while really inspiring growth and improvement. I imagine most personality types would resonate with her approach. In my short time working with her I have seen measurable, visible improvements to my health and fitness. I believe her skill set is appropriate for coaching beginner through advanced clients.

Serena Grosser from Concord- Jamie is the absolute best trainer I’ve ever had and she’s very patient with me.  Even though I’m a total old lady!  She’s been very kind and helpful.  I told her we’re going to grow old together!  Thank you, Jamie!

Anna W. from Concord- Working out with Jamie is super fun!  She took over my lessons after my previous trainer left unexpectedly, and right away I felt super comfortable and at ease with her.  She understands my high expectations for myself and pushes me to my limits, while positively encouraging me along the way.  She takes to heart the goals I have for myself and makes sure she tailors each session to meet those goals.  I know that when I come into the gym for a session with Jamie, I’ll leave smiling and tired.  I had no clue I could sweat so much in just a 30 minute workout.  And I love that she sends me the spreadsheets detailing the exercises I do, so that I can continue them on my own time.  Her positive energy is contagious and she’s so fun and easy to talk to.  Do yourself a favor and workout with Jamie! You won’t regret it. 🙂

Dayna H. from Concord- Jamie is the best!  She is my personal trainer at Fitness 19.  I really look forward to our workouts.  She knows what’s best for me and pushes me to accomplish my goals.  The workouts are tailored for my needs, and I really like the spreadsheets she emails to me, of what we’ve done. That way I can repeat the combinations in my own time.  Super helpful!  Jamie is also very personable, I consider her a friend as well.  I will continue to utilize her coaching as much as I can!

​Angela Loesche-Klemm, Manager of Curves, Concord South- We love having Jamie Duvnjak come as a guest speaker to Curves! Her passion for health and fitness is contagious! After her last superfoods talk, people left so pumped and excited to start implementing her list of must-haves into their diet! If people ask “what is that talk?,” I simply say “It’s like listening to Dr.Oz for an hour! Jamie Duvnjak has a wealth of knowledge in many different areas of wellness and the best part is that you never feel she is trying to sell you anything!” I would highly recommend her to any group that would like to learn more about various topics such as, how to deal with stress through your diet, superfoods or the benefits of massage. Her gifts are vast! 

Tracy Prioste, Program Coordinator, Senior Center & Special Recreation- It was a pleasure to have you as a key speaker at the 2012 Healthy Lifestyles Fair at the Concord Senior Center.   You are a very pleasant speaker.  You have a calm demeanor about you. Ideas and practices presented at your session have proven to be effective.  A volunteer mentions she regularly sooths a headache by pressing the skin in-between thumb and pointer finger.  She uses several of your relaxation techniques to keep migraines at bay.  Your session has successfully helped many to maintain their calm and reduce stress amidst hectic chaotic lives. Keep up the great work!  You are welcome to come back to teach in Concord anytime.

Bill Duncan from Walnut Creek- Good Morning Jamie, I want you to know how much I enjoy your presentations. Not only are you very knowledgeable in your field of nutrition, but you have an exceptional skill for communicating with your audience. The way you present not only connects you well with your audience, but draws them into your presentation and allows them to be an active participant of your event. I am looking forward to your next presentation. I have been involved in nutrition for 40 years and always learn something from you. Keep up the good work. You are making a positive difference in the lives of all those you touch.

Kelly W. from Concord- Jamie answered my many questions and provided some great insight into why I am recently craving chocolate and grains. She provided a good sample menu to help me lose weight and ideas (beyond exercise) for how I can increase my metabolism. Everything explained concisely and with great professionalism. She does NOT sell products, which I appreciate. Just the coaching, information and encouragement I need. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.

Jen from San Ramon- Jamie Duvnjak has a positive aura about her and was always available via email or phone to either answer silly questions regarding food nutrition or to support me when I was feeling negative and just needed someone to uplift my spirits and help get my attitude and brain back on track. I would highly recommend her for her knowledge of nutrition and ability to give suggestions for people with different body types and for her positive support and availability as a health coach.
Wendy Goldstein from Danville, CMT, CCHT- What inspires me most about Jamie Duvnjak is not only is she knowledgeable, but that she walks her talk.  She does her own healing work.  Healing herself first, she knows firsthand what it is like and so she is more available, present and able to meet the needs of others; her clients.  She’s compassionate, kind-hearted and nonjudgmental.
Emily from Clinton Township- I am so thankful to know Jamie Duvnjak.  Her passion for life, motivation for wellness, and all-around fun personality is what draws people to her. Her love for our universe, holistic wellness, enthusiasm for living, and desire to help others cannot be matched. I have found through the years that her drive for everything that she does is contagious. From her warm smile, her infectious laughter, and her willingness to be genuine and positive, I have been motivated to mirror the same qualities and makes me ask, “Life has to have MORE people around like this, right?” When talking about her passion regarding wellness, she is very knowledgeable. However, her knowledge exceeds just talk. She believes in and DOES the things she says. She is both insightful and inspiring, real and honest, encouraging and motivating. I truly enjoy hearing about the things she is doing and the lives she is reaching in the wellness world. There are so many people that could benefit from her expertise, awareness, and drive. I am thankful for her friendship and the beautiful soul that she has become.

Bonnie from Walnut Creek- Besides being a wonderful, warm, positive and caring person, Jamie Duvnjak really knows her stuff.  I met with her twice and we devised a plan to help me eat better and to help with my gluten sensitivity.  I learned so much information from her and my body feels so much better.  She still keeps in touch with me even though my sessions have ended.  I highly recommend you get in touch with her.  She will change your life.
Danielle from LaMorinda- Jamie Duvnjak’s upbeat personality and wisdom helped plant the seed of change in my mind.  I am certain I will grow into a healthy, beautiful new me.  From working with her, I’m more mindful of my eating and have lost a few pounds without even trying!  

Debbie from Danville- My experience with kidney stones several months ago left me in the hospital.  It frightened me and made me realize I needed to take charge of my health, so I wouldn’t end up with them again.  Jamie Duvnjak was truly helpful and got me on the road to preventative therapies.  Because of her and my will to change, I’ve been eating more organic foods.  I cut out caffeine a few weeks ago.  I drink lemon water each day to cleanse and alkalize my body and I feel so much more energized.  She had what it took to motivate me to change my diet and lifestyle habits for good.  She is very passionate and enthusiastic about helping others achieve their health goals.  I would recommend her to anyone needing nutritional advice.

Carol from Walnut Creek- I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Jamie Duvnjak.  My energy is so much better and I reached my goal of fitting into a dress I couldn’t wear in a long time!  My mood has improved and I feel more optimistic about everything.  It was nice working with her, because she made you feel like you were not alone.  She guided you every step of the way.  Not only did I gain knowledge, but I gained a new friend. 
Carol from San Ramon- Jamie Duvnjak is a very sincere person that truly cares about the well-being of others.  She has the knowledge, great personality and positive energy to influence others in terms of their health-related goals.  She has opened my eyes to the benefits of eating organic foods and so much more.  It’s a pleasure to speak with her on a weekly basis and have her in my life.

Micha from Mountain House- Jamie Duvnjak is a powerhouse of positive energy with a passion for helping others achieve balance and fitness through healthful living and holistics!
Gabi from San Ramon- You see Jamie Duvnjak and you know right away she is down to earth and eager to help you.  She is enthusiastic about what she does and always finds the best solution for each individual person.  She gets people motivated and helps keep them on track, because she is realistic in her approach.  She takes her time and is always there to support you.  Thank you very much for being there for me Jamie!

Jeff from Walnut Creek- I just wanted to say thanks for getting together yesterday. You were very encouraging and supportive and also gave me homework!  You are doing great in your field as a health coach and are able to help many people. I know you’ve impacted my life over the last year.  Thanks again Jamie!

Carol from Pleasant Hill- I was really sick prior to coaching with Jamie Duvnjak and I didn’t have access to healthcare.  By taking herbs and listening to her advice, I was able to cure myself.  Jamie heard my basic concerns and came back with very useful information.  I enjoyed working with her, because she was responsive, reassuring, positive and easy to talk with.  She gave me lots of advice and taught me how to have a good time along the way. 

Sara from Pleasanton- While working with Jamie Duvnjak, I became more aware of what it was that needed to change in my diet and lifestyle.  I immediately cut back on caffeine, quit smoking and developed better food choices to get my energy up.  I felt very comfortable talking with her, because she didn’t judge me and understood right where I was coming from.  Jamie is a fantastic health coach.  She has a positive attitude and great energy. 

Steve from Farmington Hills- Jamie Duvnjak is very passionate about what she does and really practices what she preaches.  From working with her, I’ve already taken off between 6 and 7 lbs.  It’s only been a month!  I am eating better and have been more aware of what and how much I’m consuming.  It feels great to know I have the power to make a decision as to which foods to eat.  I also have more strength while exercising in the morning. I’m going to bed earlier and I’m off of caffeine.  Jamie Duvnjak is a very good health coach!
Marison from Pleasanton- Within 2 weeks of working with Jamie Duvnjak, I had increased energy, my digestion improved and I became more conscious of what I was putting in my body.  It was so great being able to talk with her about my health concerns.  She listened to my needs and got me on the right track.  She is a wonderful and supportive health coach.  
Mary from Folsom- Jamie Duvnjak is truly passionate about helping people who need guidance in health and fitness. She is very inspirational, spiritual, and a positive thinker. She has a special way to make you feel great about yourself. Working with her closely for two years was a pleasure especially when you see her on a daily basis with her big, beautiful smile. I always relied on her expertise for health and fitness.

Mel from Detroit- Jamie Duvnjak has always been an inspiration for helping me keep a healthy mind, body and spirit. She always has something positive to share and is willing to provide advice when it is needed. She provides healthy tips on cooking, exercising and simply being the best that you can be!!! Keep doing what you do!! You are truly a blessing!

Beth from Fayetteville- The information Jamie Duvnjak provided about how to naturally fight and prevent the horrible symptoms of endometriosis was very helpful.  She not only provided me with thorough details but did it the same day I made the inquiry.  I felt valued and helped with something that has been a painful struggle in my life.

Neenah from Mount Clemens- Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to change your lifestyle.  If you want to get serious about being healthier, having Jamie Duvnjak as a guide to better health will change your life and the way you look at it.  It did for me. 
She’s not pushy.  She will help you make gradual changes one-step at a time.  After your first consultation, you will feel like you made a friend for life.  That’s just the kind of woman she is.  Jamie is comforting and always helps me when I’m feeling weak.  We all get weak from time to time, which is why having a coach like Jamie will keep you on the right track.
She has helped me for months.  Even though she has a very busy life as a mother, wife and being a coach to many others, she will always be there for support.
I’m so grateful to have her in my life!

Bev from Walnut Creek- Within the first week of working with Jamie Duvnjak, I lost a few pounds already!  She gave me lots of helpful and simple information for eating healthy and exercising.  She is practical in her approach. It’s easy to follow her suggestions and she gives you encouragement along the way. I’m more aware of which foods I should consume and which ones I should stay away from.  Working with her has been great!